July 2022 | A Note from Our Partners at the Family Nurturing Center

Founded in 1979, Family Nurturing Center is a non-profit social service agency located in Northern Kentucky and Hamilton County, Ohio. We are dedicated to ending the cycle of child abuse by promoting individual well-being and healthy family relationships.

One of our core values is to be trauma informed, meaning that we consider ‘what happened’ and ‘what did you do to survive’ rather than ‘what’s wrong with you’ in order to be our participants’ most effective partner in healing. Our services include education and training, counseling, family time visitation, parenting, and holistic and wellness programs. All services are free, providing an accessible pathway for children and families to get the support they need.

Our vision is safe children, thriving families and nurturing communities. How do we live that out? By providing insight, expertise and training to our surrounding communities to better understand child abuse and how it impacts all of us. By celebrating courage and hope and by providing a welcoming and thriving place for children and families to heal and grow.

Strong community support and the spirit of volunteerism continues to allow us to provide quality programs in a cost-effective manner. Our partnership with Junior League of Cincinnati is an example of a strong community network willing to support the 10,000 children and families we serve each year.

In just one short year, we’ve already seen the impact that results from passionate women joining in our mission. Volunteer leaders from the Junior League of Cincinnati spent several weekends at our Cincinnati office, making it a more welcoming environment for the children and families we serve. League members facilitated donations of furniture, toys and supplies to ensure agency funds are concentrated on direct services. Members provided leadership on the Board of Directors and agency committees, and supported our Prom with a Purpose fundraiser with gifts of time and talent. The Junior League championed the cause of child abuse prevention by serving as ambassadors within their considerable sphere of influence.

The years ahead will yield even more impact – with League members planning to provide direct services with children and families, facilitating the creation of a special mural at our Cincinnati office, and enhancing its décor to make our mission come alive. Members will support family events such as Fall Fest, and increase their involvement during Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. The future is bright with this strong partnership in place.

We appreciate the supportive efforts from the Junior League of Cincinnati. The League’s members play a critical role in expanding our efforts to end the cycle of abuse. We are thrilled to continue to see what our two organizations are able to accomplish together.

Jane Herms, MSW | President & CEO, Family Nurturing Center