GrinUp140x140JLC’s GrinUp! Pediatric Oral Health project is a public advocacy and education crusade committed to promoting a lifetime of healthy smiles in Greater Cincinnati. GrinUp! is committed to ensuring kids of all ages can have fun learning how to care for their teeth through good oral hygiene and nutrition. GrinUp! also advocates for accessible and affordable oral health care, because dental care is the single-most-common unmet healthcare need among children in Ohio! Tooth decay is 100% preventable, yet it affects approximately 51% of children by age 10.

Cincinnati Public Schools estimate that 1 in 10 students have visible tooth decay, leading to problems in eating, speaking and with self-confidence. Get involved with GrinUp! and make a real difference in our community, one smile at a time. Click here to visit the GrinUp! site.

GrinUp! Leadership

Chairs: Meggie Bartish & Gina Germana
Vice Chairs: Elizabeth Vitale & Meagan Yee

GrinUp! Community Partners

Children’s Oral Health Network, Procter & Gamble, Oral Health America, Cincinnati Museum Center, Landor Associates, Junior League of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Delta Dental Foundation

Inside the Grin Exhibit at the Duke Energy Children’s Museum

Learn more about proper oral health and brush up on your dental knowledge at the Inside the Grin exhibit at the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. This interactive exhibit features a giant mouth that you can brush and floss, as well as a mock dental office with interactive videos. The exhibit promotes oral health in a positive light and eases children’s fears about visiting the dentist. Click here to learn more about this exhibit.