Excellence in Training Award

One of the most important aspects of the JLC mission is to make a difference in the community “through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.” The Excellence in Training Award recognizes an Active member who demonstrates her commitment to the JLC mission by using her training skills within the JLC or the greater community.

1994 Ginny Kuertz
1995 Chris Stubbins
1996 Mary LeRoy
1997 Yvonnne Thomas
1999 Hallie Stephenson Lee
2000 Lisa Bartz
2001 Kim Harman
2002 Chris Lewis
2003 Lucy Croft
2004 Amy Shannon
2005 Julia Blankenship
2006 Jill Wittman
2007 Shelley Poffenberger
2008 Kathryne Gardette
2009 Amy O’Rourke
2010 Lauren Schmitt
2011 Jane Muindi
2012 Danielle R. Deja
2013 Deanna Sicking
2014 Alicia Kappers
2015 Haley Elkins
2016 René Robers
2017 Leslie Touassi
2018 Kellie Kruger
2019 Kate Eisenpress                                                                                                                                                                                             2020 Ann Crilley