Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank partners with local social service agencies to provide diapers to low-income families while raising awareness of the basic health need for diapers. Sweet Cheeks’ vision is to eliminate the existence of diaper need in our community so that ALL babies have a chance to be healthy, happy, and safe.

Partnership History

Starting in early 2017, JLC Members conducted a thorough community needs assessment to identify and prioritize critical local issues. After learning from nonprofit and business leaders, Members then executed a request for proposal process where individuals and organizations were invited to apply to partner with the JLC as its focus area for the next several years. After finalist presentations and careful consideration, the decision was made to partner with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, which was the strongest fit to continue the JLC’s legacy and efforts to strengthen childhood environments in our community.

The JLC will support Sweet Cheeks Diaper Banks for a period of 3-5 years and provide $75,000 in seed funding. In addition to this funding, the JLC will provide the support and expertise of the 800+ volunteer members to help support and accelerate Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank in its mission and endeavors.