June 2022 | The Last Three Years of Cookie Nowland Sustainer Award Winners Honored at this Year’s Luncheon

The Sustainers Luncheon took place on Wednesday, May 4th at the Cincinnati Country Club. The agenda was packed, with the winners of the last three Cookie Nowland Sustainer Awards being honored at this year’s event. The Cookie Nowland Sustainer Award recognizes a sustainer who has exhibited a lifelong commitment to volunteering, outstanding community service, and a commitment to the JLC.

Amelia Crutcher is recognized as the award recipient for 2022. Amelia believes her parents planted the seed for giving back. When Amelia was in kindergarten through third grade her father served in the Korean War. While there he started a school. Back home Amelia and her mother organized drives for collecting school supplies, coats, clothing, etc. It became a way of life.

Amelia’s love of people comes through loud and clear. Amelia has very little uncommitted time but if she can find some, she lives to spend it playing games of all kinds. She also bleeds Wildcat Blue for her UK Alma Mater.

Marty Humes was honored with this award in 2021. Marty was inspired by the mom of a high school friend, who introduced her to the world of voluntarism.

She started by planning the junior prom and found she loved working with the school and the hotel and all the organization of the event. Some things don’t change. Marty’s internal drivers for volunteering can be found in her sense of joy and innate thoughtfulness. In quiet moments, she finds her talents for arts and crafts fuels her creative juices. Many of which the Junior League
has benefitted.

Digi Schueler received the award in 2020, and when talking with her about what drives her to give back she shared, “I don’t want to miss out. I don’t want to miss an opportunity.”

Digi also moved here as a single woman, and she knew she needed to meet new people in a new city. There was this need for friendship. When Digi is not volunteering, she loves to cook and entertain, she enjoys reading and has a passion for the theater. She is also the family travel planner, every family needs one.