Family Nurturing Center

Partnership Mission

One of the JLC’s greatest missions is strengthening childhood environments. Our partnership with Family Nurturing Center allows JLC to deliver an immediate impact felt by families who have experienced abuse or violence. 

  • The entire community is needed to protect children. Family Nurturing Center is a leader in educating the community about its role in supporting a nurturing environment for all families through a full range of prevention and treatment programs.
  • Families play a critical role in promoting individual well-being and healthy relationships. Our family based services create the greatest opportunity for lasting change.
  • Children’s well-being is an adult responsibility. Permanent cultural change in the way a community prevents and responds to child abuse occurs by educating adults and empowering individuals. Committing time and resources to do this is an investment in a better future.


Partnership Development 

Starting in the winter of 2016-2017, JLC Members conducted a thorough community needs assessment to identify and prioritize critical local issues. In the winter of 2020-2021, JLC members leveraged the same needs assessment to expand the request for proposal process to nonprofit and business leaders in the Greater Cincinnati community. This RFP to partner with the JLC was issued to the public based on the results of the community needs assessment. After several rounds of review and a vote by JLC membership, the decision was made to partner with Family Nurturing Center.


Primary Partnership Goals

In addition to the award of the JLC’s $75,000 grant, the primary goals of the partnership are to:

  1. Accelerate the Visitation Program: Accelerate and support the current facilitated visitation program
  2. Enhance the Physical Environment: Enhance the visitation experience of families
  3. Grow Operations: Improve and support day-to-day operations to allow for efficient and effective services
  4. Promote Advocacy: Advocate for and increase awareness of child abuse and prevention strategies
  5. Education & Train the Community: Educate JLC members about the impact of trauma, trauma-informed care, and child-adult relationship enhancement

The above goals are accomplished through a strategic plan including a combination of specifically dedicated volunteers, as well as league at large volunteer support. 

League members’ efforts also focus on developing a plan to ensure the success of Family Nurturing Center after the partnership ends, to help create a world where children live free of all forms of abuse and violence through a full range of prevention and treatment programs. 

  • The volunteer support provided by Junior League of Cincinnati volunteers allows for the Family Nurturing Center staff to focus on their vision of Ending the cycle of child abuse by promoting individual well-being and healthy family relationships.
  • The Junior League of Cincinnati’s partnership with Family Nurturing Center is transformative for the League because we are able to support and accelerate a local non-profit who is directly impacting families and strengthening a child’s environment. The partnership model (JLC + Community Org) allows for the League to create new community relationships, strengthen existing ones, and promote our mission across the area in an irreplaceable way.

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