Jeanne Boyce Morrison President Award

Jeanne Boyce Morrison was a beloved member of the JLC who, sadly, lost her battle with cancer just a few days prior to assuming her role as the JLC President in 1992. The JLC Board of Directors started the Jeanne Boyce Morrison President Award in 1994 to honor her memory and recognize an Active JLC member who embodied Jeanne’s outstanding service to the JLC. The recipient is chosen annually by the Board of Directors and recognizes distinguished achievement through volunteer service to the JLC on a committee, project or fundraiser.

1994 Fran Bitzer
1995 Judy Dalambakis
1996 Susan Anthony
1997 Beja Keyser
1998 Karen Hock
1999 Minda Matthews
2000 Vicki Pohl Lauck
2001 Lisa Bartz
2002 Katherine Haskell diPaola
2003 Susan Shelton
2004 Tris Miles
2005 Orly Rumberg & Kristen McLane
2006 Brooke Hiltz
2007 Melanie Chavez & Lisa Hubbard
2008 Elizabeth Locaputo
2009 Amy Fontaine & Jennifer Marsh
2010 Vicki Calonge
2011 Natalie Wais
2012 Liane M. Szucs
2013 Sarah Moore
2014 Kendell Shaw
2015 Jacklyn Olinger
2016 Taylor Bennett
2017 Katie Hayden
2018 Kelly Barber and Aleicia Ennis
2019 Nicole Portal                                                                                                                                                                                                    2020 Lisa Dye