Shanon Marks Outstanding New Member Award

Shanon Marks was member of the 1998 Provisional class, who was tragically murdered during that year. Everyone who knew Shanon Marks was impressed by her inner and outer beauty, caring attitude and leadership qualities. The JLC began this ward in 1998 as a tribute to Shannon’s spirit and dedication to her community. The Shanon Marks Outstanding New Member Award is selected by the New Member Leadership Team and is awarded to an outstanding New Member who has made noticeable contributions within a committee, project, fundraiser or within the New Member training course.

1998 Kelly Tassos

1999 Kathryn Cascella

2000 Shannon Newhouse

2001 Heidi Shepherd

2002 Christy Rollyson

2003 Rose Alcorn

2004 Carrie Van Pelt

2005 Kim Wical

2006 Shannon Glass

2007 Nancy VanEpps

2008 Tracey Conrad

2009 Beth Baldner

2010 Megan Stacey

2011 Krista Braun

2012 Kari Kerns

2013 Haley Titus

2014 Susan Van Vleet

2015 Liz Fry

2016 Cecilia Boldrini

2017 Byrd Bergeron

2018 Danielle Bell

2019 Nicki Beckett    

2020 Clair Castro       

2021 Holly Dahmus

2022 Maddie Russell

2023 Rachel Romer