Family Nurturing Center

For more than 40 years, Family Nurturing Center has been at the forefront in providing quality, innovative and effective child abuse prevention, education and treatment services. FNC strives to end the cycle of child abuse by promoting individual well-being and healthy family relationships. 

Partnership Mission

One of the JLC’s greatest missions is strengthening childhood environments. Our partnership with Family Nurturing Center allows JLC to deliver an immediate impact felt by families who have experienced abuse or violence. 

  • The entire community is needed to protect children. Family Nurturing Center is a leader in educating the community about its role in supporting a nurturing environment for all families through a full range of prevention and treatment programs.
  • Families play a critical role in promoting individual well-being and healthy relationships. Our family based services create the greatest opportunity for lasting change.
  • Children’s well-being is an adult responsibility. Permanent cultural change in the way a community prevents and responds to child abuse occurs by educating adults and empowering individuals. Committing time and resources to do this is an investment in a better future.